>be me
>life is absolutely awful
>no longer even care to try
>wake up at 11
>shower, brush teeth, etc.
>drive 30 minutes to minimum wage job
>manager starts screaming at me for arriving 6 minutes late
>”it’s the third time this week, anon. i’ll cut your pay if it happens again”
>pay is already minimum wage, it’s an empty threat
>start the work day, finish my shift 8 hours later
>hop in car to head home
>on the way home, see a homeless woman sitting on the sidewalk
>pull over next to her, and give her a few dollars
>she looks at me like a little kid who just got a candy bar
>”thank you so much anon...”
>drive off, happy I could help someone who needed it more than I did
>rinse and repeat for a few days, each day giving her the few dollars i had on me
>after a few days, i invite her out for a coffee
>she agrees, and hops in the car with me
>we head over to a panera, and i order us both a coffee
>we chat for a good hour, laughing and getting to know each other
>after an hour, we wanna leave
>realize i have no clue where to drop her off at
>she notices my internal panic, and asks to come back to my place
>of course i agree
>head back to my place, and we chat for hours
>eventually it’s nighttime
>”anon, can i stay here with you tonight?”
>wasn’t expecting that, but i don’t mind
>says she wants to sleep with me
>not sexually, just sleep with me
>immediately say yes
>we both head to bed together, and suddenly, i start to feel a lot less alone
>feel genuine happiness for the first time in months
>she falls asleep, and soon after, i do too
>next morning, wake up on a hard wooden surface
>look around, see about 3 other guys with me
>realize i’m on a horse and wagon
>oh no
>one of them looks at me
>”Hey, you. You’re finally awake.”

Todd you absolute madman