I absolutely regret thinking of expressing that I don't believe Asexual people are apart of LGBT, I have no right to decide who should be included and who shouldn't. I may not understand it but that doesn't mean I should dictate anything.

With that said, he/him lesbians are stupid. You shouldn't be able to just choose your pronouns because it undermines trans people and their struggles. (Includes enbi)

Also bi/lesbians ? Wtf?? Undermining Lesbians here too wtf. Bi/pan lesbians upset me more than he/him lesbians.

Like if you're a girl and you go by he/him I'll definitely respect you. If you're a lesbian. I'll definitely respect you. I just seriously disagree with it because the idea that you can just "pick" your pronouns just doesn't sit right with me. I should have a talk with a he/him lesbian to understand better otherwise I'll not understand forever.