I've watched and finished a bunch of anime during quarantine. Today I started Paranoia agent. I've finished the likes of Demon Slayer, Dororo, Vinland Saga, BNA, Devilman Crybaby, Toilet Bound Hanako, s1 Bungo stray dogs etc. I can't remember some but my top out of all of them are Vinland Saga and Dororo. Vinland Saga and BNA had the best visuals, but when it comes to stylized art BNA is amazing. Devilman Crybaby also excelled in that aspect. Demon Slayer and Toilet Bound Hanako looked great too-- Hanako-kun looked better tho lmao. The characters of Vinland Saga and Dororo were amazing, same with Devilman.

If I had to rank all the ones I finished Vinland Saga would definitely be best while Tower of God (which I forgot I watched) would probably be bottom of the barrel out of all of them.