Blue Sky being acquired by Disney based on the Fox deal kinda sucks because now Disney has Their own animation studio, Pixar, and now Blue Sky.

I'm gonna be honest.
Ice Age (1)
Rio (1)
The Peanuts / especially this movie
are all beautiful movies!
Horton Hears a Who is Okay.

Why did people hate Horton Hears a who?

All the other Ice Ages after like the 3/4 one
Rio 2
Suck. Well, actually, I didn't watch Epic, but the rest I can vouch for. They're bad. Why make a second Rio? The second one has too many storylines and if they'd just pick one that'd be great. Why continue to make Ice Ages when they're bombing? Why make a movie about a soft boy bull w/ surface level story that's spoon feeding the audience.

All have multiple movies that people can say are made by them off the top of their head. Blue Sky just has,,, Ice Age. I'm almost positive nobody would remember that Robots, that staple movie, was made by the same people who made Ice Age. And even if you remembered Epic or the Peanuts Movie no one would say that's blue sky. Blue Sky is missing something. Who knows what it is? Probably better direction and leadership. Perhaps w/ Disney they can make better movies. Even though Spies in Disguise is another Child Cash grab, it apparently did decently well. Disney will help them live out their legacy like Pixar.