Wheat, final

As for the millers, many millers have stopped transforming the wheat into the valuable flour and begun turning milling into a science and food technology. The yield per acre of wheat has improved steadily as the wheat evolves and picks up new hybrid traits. In only 70 years, the world wheat production has tripled. Great Britain, for example, has become very self sufficient with wheat production, importing only 300,000 tons annually. Even countries that are stereotypically poor are making a gradual shift and enhancing wheat production. India is now very self sufficient and is now a wide wheat exporter. China almost competes with India in acres devoted to wheat. China has boosted its yields over the past 50 years and is the leading wheat producer in the world. Due to this, they are becoming less reliant on imports. Yields in China have improved from eight bushels per acre to thirty five and sixty per acre. However, the wheat industry is beginning to shift to being specialized in developing countries, seeing as the population of farmers in America has gone down dramatically. In 1840, 70% of all individuals in America were employed in farming. That number in 2002 has gone down to only 2% and continues to drop.

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1920s wheat farm