「■ーPinned Postー■」
~{ My name is Xander
~{ I'm male, for anyone who's wondering
~{ I'm 14 with big plans for the future
~{ I'm previously known on G+ as Empty Thoughts, or even older, XD Nightmare.
~{ I have a lot of computer knowledge, feel free to come to me if you need assistance with your computer
~{ I love to sing or make music of any other kind. I also have interest in art forms other than music, such as graphic design
~{ I'm not very active, but I'll try to be. I have confidence that this site is going to surpass G+ in terms of layout, design, and usability. There are a few bugs, but not as bad as the glitches that I've been there for but never experienced
~{ I joined G+ when I was 9. That's 5 years ago.
~{ Enough about myself, I'll go ahead and plug my other social media below.
「■ーSocial Mediaー■」
~{ Discord》Shinuki.#2655
~{ Insta》 just.vibing_bro
~{ That's about it, unfortunately I don't have much social media accounts