>be me
>world's greatest hacker
>#1 on FBI's most wanted list
>but they can't track me because I always delete my browser history
>just got done hacking entire internet
>now every user in the world gets redirected to blackpeoplemeet.com
>epic lulz
>one of my hackerbros messages me on AIM
>tells me that 420_1337_h4xor_420, my #1 hackerbro, has been arrested
>they were able to backtrace his IP because he forgot to browse on Incognito Mode
>word on the street is he's already ratted me out
>look out window
>FBI helicopters circling overhead
>hah! those bastards don't know who they're dealing with
>open up internet explorer
>get redirected to blackpeoplemeet.com
>oh yeah, forgot about that
>run disableblackpeoplemeet.exe
>now it's time for some world class hacking
>go to fbi.gov/hack
>fuck, there's a password
>something appears on the bottom right corner of my screen
>it's that goddamn talking paperclip
>"it looks like you're trying to hack the FBI. would you like help?"
>fuck off clippy, i'm trying to work here
>"it looks like you're trying to hack the FBI. would you-"
>click the little fucker just to make him shut up
>clippy gives me the password
>guess he's not so bad after all
>now that i'm in, i go to fbi.gov/hack/helicopters
>"congratulations, hacker!" you now have full control of FBI's helicopters! what would you like to do?"
>"A) turn left B) turn right C) ascend D) descent E) explode"
>go with option E
>BOOM, baby
>flaming helicopters fall from the sky