Man sometimes I wanna pick up the gay lawyer game again so I can watch the spiky boi do an OBJECC but it's not even the spiky boi any more it's also that red boi thing and some yellow ass banana bitch I don't know their names and I don't care. Its TOO MANY OBJECCS. Damn it why are there all these new motherfuckers in the game I just want spiky boi and burger bitch back us that too much to fucking ask also who even is this new prosecutor. ""'Blackquill????'""?? The fuck kinda name even is that edgy ass mother fucking hoe and where the fuck is my og edge boi at hes the LIFE OF THE MOTHERFUCKINGGAME YOU CAN'T FUCKING REPLACE HIM HE WAS THE ONL,,PROSECUTOR eDGEM a m. All these motherfucking CHARACTERS??? Abdfucking GIMICS??? THEY'VEGOT FUCKING 3D GRAPHICA NOW!!!!!! CAM YOU IMAGEINE THAT???? FUCKING,,,,,a,,, IN 3D????? What was wrong witb the pixel art!?!?!?!? HUH?????? The fucking 3D COURTROOMA it all looks liek SHIT and SHIT and im DONE with it they RUINED THE SERIES no tjanks capcom I'm going back to FUCKING DANGANRONPA!!!!!!!!!

god I can't even ecprecc how PISSED I am r3member when there was no fucking magatama or mind reading or any of that bullshit and you could just do a good old fashion OBJECC to save eceegibe and edgeqor but NOW IT'S ALL GONE TO SHIT AND I CAN'T FUCKING OBJECC ANYMORE IT'S ALL RUINED AAAAAAAA FUCK this is what happens when you let a game series get too long!! Learn from this please capcom!!! 7.8/10 stars