So here's the setup to my main story

Summer is just a for the most part normal 12 year old girl living on her mom's farm in the middle of nowhere and she's happy even though her mom rarely takes her anywhere. Her mom told her that her pale skin, unusual eye color, and sensitivity to the sunlight were the result of an illness and Summer blindly trusts her because her mom is the only person she ever knew. One day though they have to go to the store to buy bread and Summer is finally like "please take me with you" so her mom reluctantly does. On the way out Summer sees a tiny homeless girl who runs away as soon as she sees her. Summer reflexively shoots vines out of her arm to trap the girl (something she had no idea she could do) and she begs her mom to adopt the girl. The girl, who reveals herself to be named Okami, is surprisingly okay with this and takes her dog Little Fang with her. They live together for a few weeks - months until one day this mysterious demon boi kidnaps Summer and Okami, having grown protective of her, forces the boi to take her too. The boi traps them in a prison in the demon realm and (with absolutely no context and while acting like a major jerkwad the whole time) says that his name is Eric Shade, Summer's half demon and they have to stay there for an indefinite amount of time while he goes to get something. They escape and uhhh,,, yeah that's as far as I'm gonna type. That's just the setup so basically the prologue/part 1