Okay uh pinned post

My name is Kat but call me whatever

Am 15 year old (probably) straight grill

My curse was brought upon this wretched world on the 3rd of April 2005

I don't have a romantic partner but I do have a "platonic soulmate" I guess because for whatever reason people get really triggered over the word queerplatonic their name is fucking rat bastard (cant tag) I love them a lot uwu no homo tho

My time zone is EST but bold of you to assume I have a regular sleep schedule

I change hyperfixations frequently but I uh like Ace Attorney and Danganronpa and some anime and musicals that I don't feel like naming rn. Oh and also Vocaloid. And now Your Turn to Die/Kimi ga Shine. Okay update I can feel myself beginning to hyperfixate on Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun. I may be very new to it, but as someone who has been neurodivergent and a fuckin fangirl my whole life I can recognize hyperfixation in its early stages.

My Google plus achievements are writing the breadfic and starting 3 leggpocalypses as well as a bunch of copypastas

My (most recent) Google plus name was Kathulhu the Wafflemancer

I am your chaotic meat god fucking fear me

(Definitely gonna edit this when I'm feeling less lazy)