Everybody Loves Raymond (2020)
But actually, I think it's because of his unique design. His design is more complex than the other cats, more "kiss-kiss fall in love". I personally think it's kinda cool looking. Also, I think a lot of his popularity is just from seeing him do shit like wear a maid dress and sing Bubblegum K.K. and "crisp". His ACPC description that everything has to be perfect, and mixed with his smug personality, it makes him seem more animu.

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The only reason I hate Raymond is because he's popular.
I don't have ANY problems with Raymond himself, he's a good villager, he's cute, albeit not really fitting with the simple designs of the rest of the cats...
My only problem with Raymond is that the internet has gone gaga for him like he's some anime boy, putting him on some higher pedestal than the other villagers, for what? Is it because he's heterochromic? Is it because he's got white hair? Is it because his name is Raymond? Everyone fucking loves him, and that's my only problem with Raymond. I don't understand why everyone loves him.

Raymond is overrated.


its not his fault fujoshis are horny for him

@IridescentDiamond I know that, because I still enjoy the character, I just hate that he's such a coveted treasure that it's difficult to even OWN him, and you can't get one pre-owned because he's been tainted.

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