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my favorite hobby right now is putting in [insert word here].net and seeing what happens

i believe its a site for a band. interesting layout. reminds me of the dare music video for some odd reason
what the fuck does that even mean?

most of these sites i cant even access lol
well now im curious but i have no way to get it, so ill leave it be for now

"regret" seems to be broken. You can't download any of the mp3s. Maybe the band forgot to renew the license for thier .com domain?
I'd like to hear at least 1 of this band's songs, but Google shows no results, and this site is broken.

@RyStarX maybe its not. i was just speculating. it is interesting though.

i found a fucking porn site

i'm not clicking on that

Commenting for notifications
Also all of these are so damn ominous. Have you tried ?

@Garbage Writer it led me to a domain buying site. so, yes, but its nothing special

3 weeks ago

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this one is the most interesting to me. theres nthing. i went through the source code, ctrl c and v, nothing. it reminds me of the ascensionism sign...what the hell is going on?
edit: apparently 4chan beat me to it. for all the flak we give them, they seem to be proficient in uncovering shit. the thread is deleted, however. time to uncover a mystery!

4chan gets shit for a reason...

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