My name is Vortex Nighsh'ade Calamity Lilith Rayne (V for short) and I have red hair dyed with black strips, bright green eyes and freckles that I hate !!11! I always wear a Panic! at the Disco shirt under my pentagram leather jacket with silver wings on the back, and my pants are ripped with bloody roses all over them. I'm a slytherin (of course!) and also half vampire so if you get close I'm going to have to bite you tee hee.

psych i'm actually just a good christian straight cis gorl that says uwu too much that's just a My Immortal cringe OC. this was my username on G+ too before it died (can we get an F).

usually draw memes or edgy OCs uwu. i'm a homestuck, potter nerd, and anime enthusiast most of the time (although i'm really bad at finishing them).