>at school
>putting my chemistry book in my locker
>overhear one of the popular girls say she's hosting an orgy
>get a sudden surge in courage
>ask if i can go
>they allow me
>i knew they secretly just wanted to make fun of me, good thing humiliation is my fetish
>tell my parents at dinner to drive me to her house
>mom tells me i'm too young to be having sex, let alone a whole ass orgy
>dad agrees with her
>my brother also takes their side to mess with me
>huge argument ensues
>run out of the house, if they won't drive me i'll just walk
>walk the one mile to her house
>by then everyone else has arrived
>popular girl tells us we'll have sex in her basement
>we all go down the steps excited for sex
>she then enters another room in the basement, separated by a large window
>wait a minute
>this isn't an orgy
>this is a vacuum chamber
>start slamming on the door
>hear her laugh before the machine activates
>try to scream, but there is no noise
>my eyeballs explode in their sockets