>Family Guy intro ends
>scene opens in Peter’s house, where the family is on the couch watching TV
>Lois: I wonder who that could be at this time of day.
>Peter opens the door
>Sans: Hey, Peter!
>Peter: Holy fr*cken crap, Lois! Check who it is!
>Lois: Is that... Oh my god, Sans Undertale!
>Brian: Holy shit, Sans? I thought you enlisted in the military and got shipped off to Iraq!
>scene where Sans is fighting Islamic terrorists while Megalovania plays
>Sans: Hehehe, yep, but I’m back. Those Arabs sure had a BONE to pick with me!
>everyone but Meg laughs
>Chris: It’s great to have you back, Sans!
>Meg: Whatever! It was great to finally have some peace a quiet from those stupid puns...
>Sans uses his psychic powers to throw Meg into the roof
>Stewie: Personally I prefer Minecraft, but Fox can’t negotiate for shit!