And here’s the next profile. As a bonus since I’m incompetent, Diane’s favored schools were shapeshifting, photokinesis abd umbrakinesis, and telekinesis.
Alba the Pale
“You can never be truly respected until you are gone.”
Queen Alba the Pale was the second official monarch of Nomalia and the daughter of Diane the Courter and Orion of Bone Throne.
Alba married Prince Kar, Lord of Raven’s Stronghold, who was initially rebuked by her court as he was the grandnephew of Queen Eris. The two of them had six children: King Sage the Clairvoyant, Princess Menth who married Prince Mercury of Mons Strait and was the mother of King Saturn of Mons Strait, Princess Regina who married Lord Barth of Opaline, Princess Myrca who married King Solaris of Lumos, Prince Set who married Tsuki of the Tsunami Coast, and Prince Acan who married Lady Citrine of the Orange River.
Alba left the throne following her mother’s death and was succeeded by her son, Sage.
Alba was an albino, and had pale pink skin, snow white hair, right eye red, left eye blue, and small white wings in nether form.
Her preferred schools of magic were shapeshifting and pyromancy.
Alba’s main relic was her silver crown in the shape of butterfly wings with small jewels in the wings
Alba ruled from 5035 to 5051.