Heyo, I am Drew from Google+. I am just a standard 15 year old gay dude from the state of unripe movie theater food.
I love to read and write and I will be posting my writing on a somewhat regular schedule as soon as collections become a thing. I like Rick Riordan's books, Wings of Fire, Game of Thrones (no spoilers please), Steven Universe, Pokemon, worldbuilding and some random things. Y estoy aprendiendo espaƱol.
I shit post a lot and I have weird friends that say dumb stuff that goes on here.
Now my other medias. If you have any of these, please go there or gimme yours. Lol.
My Google Classroom (no I am not joking) code is qd0uya
My Discord is Drew#0498 and my server is https://discord.gg/v4AZHQ8
My hangouts chat is https://hangouts.google.com/group/dnBDuk5moEf4vcaR7
My gmail is DrewDavis1211(at sign)gmail.com
My Reddit is https://www.reddit.com/user/WriterofGarbage/
Um I think that is it.