In regards to the delay of the Atmos Horizon update, a message from the project manager:

The Horizon update for Atmos is one of the most ambitious projects our small group of developers have ever faced. It's a complete rethinking of the Atmos platform, and that comes at a great cost of time with the limited amount of developers we have.

With the introduction of WarpLight, our mission is to build services that can advance everyone, everywhere, while ensuring exceptional initial quality in performance, design, and functionality. We do not wish to deliver an incomplete product to the public which was hyped at every opportunity. Doing so leads to distrust in our group, and we wish to avoid tarnishing our clean slate by rushing this update well before it is even complete.

To ensure that the Atmos Horizon update meets my high expectations for initial quality, I have made the decision to delay the release of the Atmos Horizon update to August 7th. This may come as a disappointment to those who are eagerly awaiting to use our platform, but I believe it would give us enough time to make sure we get everything right from the start.

The Horizon Update and core features of the Atmos platform are ready for use, but several features and other important functions are yet to be completed, and due to this, it would not provide a quality experience if we launched it on July 19. Moving the release date a little over two weeks out will allow us to continue upgrading several elements to the new Horizon design language, ensure that complex features function as intended, and to further strengthen the security of WarpLight Accounts.

We hope you'll stick with us during this time, as we will be working non-stop to continue developing the next-generation experience you all have been waiting for, which has been over two years in the making. As I have a strong eye for perfection, I feel as if this extension is well deserved for the biggest update we have ever delivered in the history of Atmos.

We thank you for your patience and support as we finalize this major update. We hope to see you again soon!