Hello Atmos community! I'm James, one of the lead developers of the site.

After tirelessly working on this project for eight months, hopefully it would have been worth the wait. I spent many of my weekend nights coding until 5 AM and it seems to have paid off. Making a social media site is no easy task, especially so if you're a group of high-schoolers doing it for free.

It seems that you guys are enjoying the site, but we're always looking to improve. Bug reports, criticisms, and the like should go to our emails, bugs@projectatmos.space, and feedback@projectatmos.space, respectively. Now that we've launched, the devs are probably going to want to take a breather, and I'm also picking up a paid web development job, but we'll still maintain the site in our spare time.

I'm sure you guys can't wait for communities and collections. Those are our top priority right now, apart from fixing site-breaking bugs (if we find any).

To infinity and beyond.