Atmos has been updated again. We were sitting on about two weeks' worth of changes so here's a summary:

- ToS, Privacy Policy, About page updated by Rhodes
- Fixed a visual bug where you could achieve "negative likes"
- You can now see if a user follows you back from their profile
- To help keep your account secure, you can now see an action log under "Settings"
- 30 poll options max, 30 chars each
- 5,000 characters max per post
- Empty lines fixed by surepy so they no longer disappear (thanks CommonMark library >_>)
- The "full" notification list doesn't display everything at once so it doesn't take eons to load
- New, more aesthetic favicon by David (this might not appear for you immediately; browsers tend to keep it around for a while)
- Updated localization files (David)

Other things:
Our server now stores images by hash to conserve storage with duplicate uploads. Admins and developers can look at fancy graphs that enable us to better measure the growth of the Atmos community as a whole.

Things to expect in the near future:
- Actual caching
- A reasonable content filter
- Collections
- Communities
- Multiple images per post... I promise...
- Delete account button w/ email verification (not like you’d ever need to use it, r-right?)
- Report system that doesn’t involve sending us an email manually

Report any bugs you see to a developer (preferably surepy or I).

Oh, wait, just kidding, apparently our codebase won't be changed for another 7 hours, see pic related :^)